Glen Carne Housing and Support

Glen Carne Housing and Support

What is Glen Carne Housing and Support?

Glen Carne provides an innovative supported housing project. It offers a rural location within easy access to nearby towns and amenities by public transport. Glen Carne has many years of experience in helping to house and support people in a safe and secure environment.

Who is eligible?

Homeless or disadvantaged men, including those who are affected by mental health problems. Glen Carne provides a safe and supportive environment in shared accommodation. A full assessment of all applicants is made before making an offer of accommodation. See our Service Specification or website for further details.

What services are available?

Glen Carne offers single room accommodation with most rooms including an en-suite shower room. Communal kitchen, lounges and classrooms are available to all residents.
Glen Carne can offer help in setting up home, including completing official forms and will also be an advocate on your behalf to other services, if required.
A wide range of support services are available to tenants, some of which include assisting in domestic and life skills, help with managing finances, advice and signposting to other services or accommodation.
Glen Carne operates an open door policy that assists tenants with accessing other services such as CPN’s, doctors or Social Workers day or night.